Some of the projects I've done; from small websites, to PyPi-published Python packages, all the way to web apps.

amedpal Personal website

A small and simple static website. 100% serverless leveraging AWS services such as S3, CloudFront, Lambda, CodePipeline, and more. Read more about how I built this website.

Stutter Track
Stutter Track Web app

Digital platform to help people who stutter keep track of the words they have trouble with along with the occasion in which they occur. Currently under work.
Visit the Stutter Track websiste .

BGPicker React web app

Enter your Board Game Geek username and get a random game from your collection to play! Refine your search by applying several filters.
Go to the website. GitHub repo.

PandasBasketball Python package

A Python module to scrape data from basketbal-reference.com and convert it to pandas data structures for analysis.
Check out the repo on GitHub .

Grupo Legado Flask web app

Blog for a sport-driven media company.
Visit the website .